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Virtual Babysitting Service MyNanai Helps Parents Working-From-Home


MyNanai, an on-demand virtual babysitting service, has been launched in response to the growing needs of busy work-from-home parents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 has led to an abrupt transition of many parents to working remotely. Various non-essential services have also ceased including daycare or childcare help. Parents now face the challenging task of juggling work and family responsibilities while tackling risks brought by the pandemic on a day-to-day basis.

MyNanai was developed to help alleviate this burden from parents – it was inspired by busy work-from-home parents within the company who found relief through a video conference call with their child’s grandparents — it was a welcome distraction for their child and a breather to restore their energy and sanity. MyNanai was then born, a term derived from the Filipino word ‘Nanay’ for ‘mom,’ also used as a term of endearment for ‘grandma.’

The MyNanai virtual babysitting service aims to give families access to their own ‘Nanai’ and a few brief breaks for parents to attend to their tasks at home while providing children opportunities to learn and feel connected while housebound.

Instead of leaving children in front of the TV, MyNanai will provide a multi-skilled and fully background-checked virtual babysitter who will engage kids through various fun and educational activities for just $5 an hour. Parents are free to choose their preferred video conferencing platform (Facetime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, etc.) and activities, which can include interactive storytelling, tutoring, music lessons or shows, and more. Activities can be one-on-one or as a small group session, where parents can join in as well.


With MyNanai, parents working from home unexpectedly get brief breaks while their children are engaged with a fully background-checked and multi-skilled virtual babysitter.

About MyNanai: A Virtual Babysitting Service with an Advocacy

For just $5/an hour, parents will be able to focus on their duties and responsibilities as an employee while their kids have some fun and learn something new in every session. At the same time, parents who use the MyNanai service will be helping others. MyNanai virtual babysitters are employees of companies Civicom and TeamSpan who have been furloughed by clients due to the Coronavirus quarantine. The small hourly fee helps these individuals get by with food while they are furloughed from work. To learn more about MyNanai, visit or email contact(at)mynanai(dot)com.

Source: PRWeb